Recommended in the best restaurants, praised by the most pretigious food critics and requested by millions of consumers worldwide, Spanish cuisine has gone through a revolution that has seen it become a leader in international gastronomy in just a few years. Starting from a traditional style, a contemporary and innovative cuisine has been developed that can be identified by the quality of its products and the creativity of its chefs.

Spanish chefs have successfully exported, not only a way to understand cooking but also a way of eating away from the formalities of restaurants: the tapa. Because of this, the tapa is one of Spain’s best ambassadors.

Through your different local friends you will have the opportunity of discovering first hand the secrets that Spanish cuisine holds in different cities. From a route based on Michelin stars in the Basque country to visiting Rioja’s wineries or the best paellas in Valencia, Barcelona or Ibiza. The best meat in Madrid or the best seafood in Andalusia!

There are numerous different tapas tours in different neighbourhoods and restaurants. Generally, each place is uniquely famous for a particular tapa. Your local friend will accompany you to explain each one, since you won’t be able to find the majority of them in travel guides or the internet!

Don’t leave without doing a cooking course to impress your friends back home! Your local friend will take you to the best local markets and will help you pick the best ingredients.

mini_icono_7 DEGREES Tip: we know adorable little old ladies that will open their houses to you and cook home made meals for guests. The best cuisine in the world!

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