Thanks to its location between the sea and the mountains, Barcelona has found a perfect balance: a foot in the traditional things and the other in the postmodern. Barcelona has the reputation of being the most cosmopolitan & trendy city in Spain, and probably in Europe! Since it was completely renewed for the 1992 Olympic Games, the city has become a must for all around the world travelers!

But Barcelona is much more than Gaudi’s universally celebrated architecture, more than a sophisticated, massively multicultural city, more even than one of the world’s iconic cities.

It is even more than a city with a perfect combination of a warm Mediterranean climate, beaches within and close to the city, mountains in the hinterland and the culture, nightlife, sights and infrastructure of a European metropolis!
For gay friendly and gay travellers Barcelona has been one of the favourite destinations in Europe for the last twenty years. The city has this The center of Barcelona’s gay scene is in the Eixample district (sometimes called the Gayxample neighborhood, or “Gaixample” in Catalan) with most of the gay bars, hotels, restaurants and shops in Barcelona. Annual gay events and highlights are New Year’s Eve, the BEARcelona weekend over Easter, Barcelona Gay Pride end of June, the Circuit Festival party week in August, one of the most popular gay circuit events in Europe and the international gay & lesbian film festival in October.

mini_icono_7 DEGREES Tip: Barcelona is… our leading gayfriendly city!

If you like Barcelona you will probably love Valencia, Madrid and Sevilla

Sevilla Spain Seven Degrees
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