Granada has to be Spain’s most complete city! It was the pearl of the Arab Empire during its historic reign and ticks all the boxes a 7Degrees traveller could wish for! Its location couldn’t be more perfect, situated between the beach and one of the country’s most famous mountain ranges (Sierra Nevada), making the city a perfect destination for nature lovers. This, together with its historic importance and its majestic international icon: the Alhambra, have won the praises of even the most demanding travellers. And, as if all that weren’t enough, its people, its tapas, its great weather and cool atmosphere are widely celebrated.

There are some gay and gay-friendly bars and clubs in the city. Granada is a university town with many young open-minded students. And both the public and official attitude towards gays and lesbians in Spain has dramatically changed for the better in the last 20 years. Thus, besides some gay bars you will also find quite a few gay-friendly clubs, restos and tapas bars in Granada.

mini_icono_7 DEGREES Tip: Cultural, adventure, for foodies, fun… Granada has it all!

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