The capital of Spanish language, Madrid is short of nothing; whether you’re a sun seeker, a culture & foodie lover or both. What Madrid lacks in beaches and coasts it makes up for in art galleries, streets lined with Spain’s best tapas bars, large open verdant gardens and a city atmosphere that never decreases no matter the time of day, week or month!
Through its never ending labyrinth of streets, crossroads and endless laneways, Madrid is the perfect city to find the most intimate settings. Discover a city rich in centuries of history. Madrid is happy, open, multicultural and vibrant during the day, enchanted by night.

This city is one of the new hot gay destinations in Europe. The bars and clubs are all located close to each other in Chueca,a suburb located in the old quarter at the center of Madrid. It’s a tightly compact area, actually two areas a short distance apart. “Madrileños” like all Spaniards tend to party late, going out to eat at 10pm, hitting the bars at 1am. and on to the discos about 4am.

The Gay Pride Madrid is one of the biggest and most popular gay events in Europe. The parade in the very center of Madrid – with more than a million participants and visitors – became the hottest and most colourful gay pride parade Europe had ever seen. Annual gay events and highlights in Madrid are New Year’s Eve, the International fetish weekend Sleazy Madrid in spring, Madrid Gay Pride in July, the gay film festival LesGaiCineMad in November, and the international bears week Mad. Bear in December, Madrid will host WorldPride 2017!!

mini_icono_7 DEGREES Tip: Yes, Barcelona inspires, but Madrid will make you fall in love!

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