Tired of all those ultra-cool places where the next big thing lies just beyond a velvet rope? San Sebastián, on Spain’s Basque Coast, is exactly the opposite—earthy, tempting, and anything but exclusive!

TO visit San Sebastián, on Spain’s northern coast, is to fall in love. The first sight of the sparkling scallop-shaped bay, replete with crescents of golden sand and sea-green waves, will sweep you off your feet. Pairing this natural beauty with the incomparable local cuisine — from Michelin-starred feasts to delectable bite-sized pintxos (Basque-style tapas) — may leave your head spinning. A spruced-up seaside promenade, a renovated museum and a forthcoming culinary school all add to the city’s allure. But this love affair doesn’t have to be a fling. In June, the city secured a coveted designation as a 2016 European Capital of Culture, ensuring that it will put its best foot forward for years to come.

There is no gay scene in San Sebastian, but this incredible city has much to offer you!

mini_icono_7 DEGREES Tip: Because San Sebastian is… our foodie capital experience!

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